Medical Malpractice - Breast Surgery

If you have been disfigured as a result of breast enhancement or breast lift surgery, you are not alone. I’ve met several women who have been too afraid or embarrassed to come forward and pursue claims against what I can only describe as butchers. I’ve seen the before and after photos. I can understand what these things mean to your self-image and confidence. If you went to a doctor for help with a breast augmentation and received uneven, unmatched breasts, excessive scarring or distorted nipples, please talk to an attorney. This is not acceptable and you can get help.

There are physicians who claim to be experts in their fields. They have all the customary certifications. If you ever feel that you have received sub-par care, please talk to an attorney. Sometimes, mistakes are made that are not compensable. However, sometimes, there have been serious mistakes that change a woman’s life. I’ve seen women who have had so many “revisions” - or second, third or fourth tries- that they are permanently scarred and injured. No woman should live with lifelong shame of disfigurement because a surgeon hurt them.

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Deena Buchanan