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Harassment or discrimination at work. Wage violations. Overtime.

Workplace law is tricky and the consequences of not following the law are serious. I represent individuals and small business owners when they need employment law help. Have you suffered from discrimination or hostile working environment at work? Were you fired illegally or not hired for a job that you were qualified for based on discrmination? Were you harassed by a boss or co-worker because of your age, gender, race, religion, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation or national origin? Did your employer retaliate against you for reporting something illegal at work? Have you not received overtime pay or have you been paid less than your employer owed you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a legal claim and you deserve a strong, hard-working lawyer to fight for your rights. I only take cases that I believe have strong legal merit and I will not get paid until you receive a settlement, verdict or other award.

If you are a small business employing hard-working New Mexicans and trying to understand our complex state and federal employment law rules, I can help. I have represented employees and employers in workplace law for over twenty years, including at one of the world’s most well-respected labor and employment law firms. I believe in fairness for all New Mexicans, nothing more, nothing less.

Car accidents, Wrongful death. Personal injury.

The types of injuries I deal with can create a ripple effect that changes everything for a whole family in an instant. I understand and have over two decades of experience fighting these fights. When I worked for insurance companies, I often handled cases worth tens of millions of dollars. When I was badly hurt in a car accident, I decided that someday, I would start my own practice to fight for the little guy. It is far more rewarding representing people.


$10 million catastrophic injury settlement

past results do not guarantee future outcomes

$8 million wrongful death settlement

past results do not guarantee future outcomes